To celebrate the bicentennial of Queen Maria II’s birth, Isabel Stilwell’s historical novel “Maria II: The Extraordinary Friendship of Maria and Victoria, two Queens in a world of Men”, has recently been translated into English.

Based on the Queen of Portugal’s correspondence with Queen Victoria, the book gives us an extraordinary account of the private life of these two powerful women, both married to Saxe-Coburg-Gotha princes, both struggling to balance motherhood with the responsibility (and pleasure) of ruling a country.

Isabel Stilwell, bestselling author of historical novels in Portugal, takes readers to one of the most unsettled times of the History of Portugal, with its background of war between liberals and absolutists, to tell us the life of this queen, woman, dedicated mother and iron-fisted politician of unwavering courage who ruled and led the destiny of Portugal for 19 years.

Isabel has also published “Phillippa of Lancaster – English Princess, Queen of Portugal” and “Catherine of Braganza – The courage of a Portuguese Infanta who became Queen of England”.

The book is available in Portuguese bookstores, Livros Horizonte’ website and through Amazon.